Friday, January 9, 2009

This Week In Amateur Radio

I guess that since this is my Amateur Radio blog I should also give some love to This Week In Amateur Radio it is a great podcast all about Amateur Radio give it a listen! Lots of great information

Scott Sigler

You must give it up to Scott Sigler He has some awsome content. If you like the SciFi type horror novel then this is must read/listen to stuff. Once you listen to his podiobooks get out and buy his written works.

DarkAge Podcast

I have to put out a special shout out to Kirk Warrington from kirkcast about his podcast novel Darkage which can be found here If you like fantasy adventure then this is well worth the listen. I really enjoyed it and hope that you will like it as well! Spread the word.

The ScotchCast

I just had to put up a post on one of my new favorite podcasts. The ScotchCast If you like to sip on some scotch from time to time or if you have never tried it give this one a listen. Even if you have and did not like it, this may be the show that will let you know that not all scotch is the same. Great show and also two of the three hosts are also hams! Go figure. Give them a listen.